Thursday, March 30, 2006

We weren't fighting, I swear!

I caught the kitties wrestling on the bed the other day. They love to do this thing where they bite on each other's ears, and throw these little paw punches at each other. I know they are doing this out of kitty love, but, sometimes they really go at each other. When I took the camera out to take a photo, they stopped and looked at me, as if they were saying, "we weren't fighting". "I swear!". Smile.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hey Mom, Let's Take a Picture

When I have the camera out, sometimes the kitties do the most cutest thing. Here they are posing side by side for the camera. How sweet little cats they are. Sitting so nicely together. Sebastian, especially loves to model for the camera. Doesn't he look so photogenic here? I like how he's sitting, with his right paw looking like he's waving 'hi'.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Yaffa Super Kitty

Yaffa likes to sit with her hind legs stretched out from time to time. She looks so adorable in that pose. I think she kinda looks like Superwoman. Like she is flying. She naps like that too. I wonder if she is dreaming about flying, and thus the pose. I need to get her a cape. Maybe I should ask GK to borrow one.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Secret Paws package

Lefty was helping me make sure the Secret Paws package to Jasper, Josie, HB and Maggie was finally packed. I've been working crazy hours lately, so the cats were helping me out with the mailing. However, Lefty had a secret agenda, I caught her trying to keep some toys for herself. I told her that she had her own cat toys, but she didn't believe me. Lefty was just the packing helper, Yaffa and Sebastian actually helped me pick out the goodies. They always know what are the best cat toys with kitty nip to play with.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sebastian Warhol

Sebastian loves art. He's a Warhol kitty. As shown here on this photo. Isn't it worth a million bucks? I've been so terrible lately. I've been so busy with work and personal things, that I haven't been posting on the kitty blog lately. I even missed this week's Modulator, and last week, I missed the carnival. The cats are mad at me, because work has been preventing me from doing my posting duties.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A size too big.

Kyle was doing laundry the other day. As he was sorting out his clothes, he noticed that one of his pant legs started moving on its own. Out pops Sebastian kitty. Sebastian typifies the word "curious cat". He's as curious as they come. Always in things, exploring, trying out something new. He really enjoyed climbling up and down the pant leg. He sure looks awfully cute in human clothes.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I can fit you in my pocket.

Sebastian is a kitty with such big personality. I wish he was small enough to carry around in my pocket, so he can be with me all day. Kyle and I were being silly one day. I had given him this tiny kitty toy, and we were pretending that kittys were this small. Then I could truly fit kitty in my pocket. But nah, that wouldn't be fun, because then I couldn't cuddle with them.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why the kids have so much energy.

Yesterday, when I came home from work, I found the kids sleeping away. Sebastian looking all adorable on his favorite spot, the window sill. And Yaffa, in full nap mode on the bed. This is why they have so much energy at 4:00am. They sleep all day while we are at work, and play all night. Funny kittys. Look at Sebastian's feet. He's too cute.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

All Tuckered Out

Since dad has been gone all week, Sebastian has been taking advantage of ruling the house. In the middle of the night, he'd be zooming across the room, chasing after Yaffa, making tons of noise at 4:30am. I try not to be a disciplinarian, but a few times I had to crawl out of bed, pick up Sebastian and talk sternly to him. And by talking sternly, I mean, I pick him up, tell him, "Sebastian, please go to bed", and I put him next to me to cuddle. Sometimes he humors me and sits there until I fall asleep, but most times, as soon as I lay down, he jumps off the bed and goes straight for Yaffa. Then at 7:30am, as I get up for work, I see Sebastian all tuckered out, and sleeping like the sweet kitty he is. I ask him, "Why can't you sleep so soundly, when I'm sleeping?" And I can imagine him saying, "But that wouldn't be as fun". I like how he uses his arm for a pillow to sleep on. He's lucky he's a cute cat, and can get away with this without me being angry. However, every day this week I've had really dark circles under my eyes. My co-workers have been telling me I look tired. Now I know how it feels to have kids.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dad, please take me with you.

The other night Kyle was packing to leave for Florida for a week. Sebastian took this chance to jump into the suitcase. He had the cutest face, almost like he was saying, "Dad, please take me with you. I'll be good, I swear, you can hide me in your suitcase. No one will know." I can't imagine taking the kittys on a flight somewhere. They would definitely be meowing and crying the whole way there. They hate their carrying case, and hate more being in a car and moving. I can't picture being on a flight.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Miles is Very Comfortable With His Body

Miles has a favorite napping / stretching position. It's when he lies on the floor and lies on his back and stretches out his arms to the north and his legs to the south. His belly is all exposed. It's the cutest thing ever. Whenever I see him doing that, I want to rub his belly. However this cat, hates his belly being rubbed. He'll allow you to rub the underside of his chin, but oh, no, stay away from the belly or he'll nip you.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Miles sits like an old man

I love it when I catch Miles sitting like an old man. It's this thing he does where he sits with his two hind feet out and balances his body with his front paw. I love it. He looks like he is sitting like a person rather sitting like a cat. I can picture him wearing a smoking jacket and holding a pipe sitting on an armchair. But then when he catches me looking at him, he moves and sits like a normal kitty.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Little Sebastian Learning to Cuddle.

Sebastian is learning how to cuddle with us humans. Normally, he likes to just snuggle with Yaffa Kitty. But the other day, dad and I were sitting on the couch, when all of the sudden, he jumps onto the couch and right in that little nook in the arm. It was so adorable that I had to capture it in a photo. Little Sebastian, he's becoming one big cuddly little guy.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

scratch scratch

Ever since Kyle picked up one of those cat scratching boxes, the cats have been all over it. They sit on it, they sleep on it. They hover over it. Scratch, scratch. Better that, than the furniture!

Sebastian Says Happy Birthday.

Sebastian Kitty always loves to join a good party! There better be lots of nip.
Happy Birthday Magoo!!!

Sebastian when he was just days old

I was feeling a little nostalgic and so I pulled out some of the pictures I took when little Sebastian was just days old. I think in this photo he is 3 days old. He's shown here as the middle kitten. Yaffa, even though a young mother, knew exactly what she was doing. Her instinct as mommy just kicked in from day one. Yes, she was awkward at first, not understanding how to nurse these little kids, but the kittens knew how to come to her. Yaffa is very gentle, caring and nurturing. She loves her kids. The whole experience with watching mommy kitty take care of her little kittens was truly amazing. It's also so amazing to know how wonderful these kitties have grown. Everytime I look at Sebastian, I still can't believe he used to fit in the palm of my hand.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Little Sebastian Never Fails to Amaze Me

I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth the other night. And look who I found all curled up and relaxing. Little Sebastian Kitty. He is such a character. He just loves to hang out in the potty room. Silly kitty. This is definitely a picture I need to submit to Cats in Sinks.
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