Sunday, April 30, 2006

Carnival of the Cats #110

Carnival of the Cats #110. We were so happy to host this week's carnival at Furry Paws. Sorry it's coming so late, there were a lot of entries this week.

66 Entries for this carnival.
Phew! We are tired.

Thanks for visiting. We are taking a nap now.
-Sebastian and Yaffa.

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Captain's caught doing something but Sabby just wants to do nothing.
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Laurence Simon send us
Stills from a New Horror Movie

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Pics of kitties outside.
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No, that's Boo; it's not a whoopee cushion.... ;p)
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We at Furry Paws are sad to hear that at "Poor Impulse Control", their extended family loses a member. Samara, aka Sam, aka Squidge has gone onto kitty green pastures.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Yaffa mommy joins in on the nap time

Where ever Sebastian is, Mommy Yaffa is not far behind. Here, I caught them napping together. She is such an affectionate mommy. Boy, they are too adorable for words!

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And come back and visit us this Sunday. We are hosting the Carnival, OH BOY! We are so excited.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sebastian's favorite nap spot

Whenever we can't find Sebastian, he can usually be found taking a nap on the bathroom rug. He just loves it there. Here he is sound asleep. I am always so tempted to go up to him and pet him when he's napping, because he's just so cute. But then he wakes up and gives me a dirty look. He hates to be awoken. But look how cute he is. Don't you just want to pet him and give him little kisses?

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Afternoon Nap

I took this photo of the cats and Kyle taking a nap. Look how cute they all are. They are all curled up in the exact same position. They crack me up sometimes. Copy cats!

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sweet little baby.

I haven't had the camera out lately, so I thought for this week's carnival submission, I thought I'd go back to October of last year and get out one of the cute kitten photos of Sebastian. As a little kitty, he had already shown his super curious personality. He's growing up though. And although technically he's looking like a cat, he's still a kitten to us.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sebastian's New Bed

We were watching tv one day, when we see Yaffa circling my overnight bag. We were wondering what she was doing, until we saw Sebastian pop his head out. Sebastian had found a new place to take a nap. And why not? My sweaters are pretty soft to sleep on. I wish I could carry him around town in tote. But he's too curious of a cat to stay in one place too long.

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Blinds don't stop me.

Just because the blinds are down, doesn't stop Sebastian from looking out the window. I don't blame him, there's so many nice things to see out the window. Especially those pesky pigeons. He is such a silly cat. It doesn't even bother him that the blinds are on him. He is such a funny kitty. Sometimes we catch him biting on the blinds. He leaves little bite marks on the panels.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sebastian's Throne

Sebastian has been doing this thing lately, where he'll jump on top of the toilet and hang out. It's like his throne. He loves to hang out there. I like to keep the toilet seat covered, because Sebastian loves water, and I get nervous that he might want to jump into the bowl for a swim. Silly kitty, the bathroom is his absolute favorite place to be.
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