Friday, December 22, 2006

100th Posting: Secret Paws Winter 06 Photos

Oh my goodness, were we excited when we received our Secret Paws package! As soon as I put the package on the floor, the cats raced over to investigate. They helped us open the box, and inside was a fantastic treat!

Thank you Max for an amazing package of goodies! Sebastian and Yaffa especially loved the furry mice. And the catnip. Boy, did they have fun! We loved that all the toys were mice! A whole family of different kinds of mice. It was really amazing. Yaffa also liked the tissue paper. She had fun playing with that also.

Thanks again Max! You really went all out, and was so creative with all the pretty tissue packaging and the well thought out mice toys.

The cats couldn't decide which toy to play with, since all looked like so much fun. They went from toy to toy to explore.
We can't wait to participate in the next Secret Paws. We always have a bundle of fun doing the paws packages and sending out care packages to the bunnies!

This is our 100th posting! Wow!

I Know and You Know We Are Not Allowed Up Here

Sebastian and Yaffa Kitty know full well that they are not allowed on the dining room table, however, they like to test us. Once in awhile I'll catch them, just hanging out, sitting there on the table top, acting as if they are doing nothing wrong. But, I usually give them one look, and they look back at me knowing that they've gotten away with something.

We are so excited here at Ilovecatnip, since we've surpassed the 10,000 visitor mark. We are so thrilled!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Finally, Secret Paws Package Sent!

Sebastian and Yaffa are making sure that I box up the Secret Paws package correctly. They helped me pack the box, though there was one toy they almost wanted to keep. It's this burlap bag with catnip inside, which they love! The cats also helped me write a note to our secret paws friend. I was delayed with sending it this time, between the holidays and working so hard. But Yaffa and Sebastian did not let me forget. Oh, and they received their secret paws gift from Max the cat. Thanks Max! We will be posting pictures soon of the cool package that Max sent. They love the toys! Especially the furry ones.

Visit Secret Paws site.
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