Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Boys Asleep

On Friday night Kyle and I went out for dinner and shopping for a new ipod. Thanks Kyle! He's the best! We had chinese food for dinner, and when we got back to his place, the MSG must have gotten to him, because he totally passed out. Poor guy. He was so tired. Sebastian was tired too. He sat down right next to him and fell asleep also. Little kitty loves his dad. He definitely is the sweetest cat. When Sebastian gets tired, nothing wakes him up. You can rub his belly and he remains asleep. My two favorite guys were so exhausted.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Wow, those are some crazy cat toys

So, I just found this crazy site. http://www.lovethatcat.com They have some really interesting cat furniture, I never knew you could even get something this elaborate. It's crazy. If Yaffa and Sebastian didn't live in a studio apartment, I'd totally get them one of these.


Now I understand the word copycat. Check out little Sebastian. He loves to copy Momma Yaffa. When Mommy jumps on the futon, Sebastian loves to follow her. He also loves to copy everything she is doing. I found them sitting there exactly alike. How cute. He always wants to be where she is. They also like to cuddle together when they sleep. It's really a sweet mom and kid relationship. Yaffa is always taking care of Sebastian. Licking his fur, to make sure he's clean. She treats him like he's still a peanut. Even though he's just about full grown. I think in about 2 months he'll be the same size as mommy.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Sebastian has a great smile

This is one of my favorite pictures of Sebastian. He looks like he is smiling in the photo. See what I mean about his cute nose. It has a triangle black spot right on top of his pink nose. I'm so attached to these cats. I guess it's because we raised them from tiny kittens. Every day I get amazed that he once was as small as a hamster.

our christmas photo

Yaffa had hidden underneath the bed so she isn't included in this picture. Yaffa can be skiddish and shy sometimes. She learned it from living on the streets. I love this photo of us. We look like a happy bunch. This was taken a few days before xmas. Look at Sebastian, he loves being held like that!!

Here's a closeup of the tree photo

I like this close up of the tree photo. He looks so relaxed. That little guy. Sebastian has great personality.

Oh Xmas Tree

When Kyle had the christmas tree up in his apartment, Sebastian loved to hide underneath it. He is a good kitty, he didn't try to jump on the tree like when he was little. Sebastian loved to climb on this palm tree that Kyle had in his apartment. Sebastian loved that tree, he used it as a scratching post, and eventually he killed the tree entirely. For some reason, Sebastian left the Christmas tree alone, and instead liked to sleep on the tree skirt. I guess he liked the comfort of being under the tree. Mommy cat would sometimes join him and the both of them would take a nap there. This year was a fun xmas.

Close up of the siblings.

I feel like I'm such the proud grandparent. Look at these little cuties. They love the camera. They sit there patiently while I snap pictures of them. Mostly, they are curious of the camera. Sebastian looks just like his sisters. He's a darker tiger color, his sister to the right of him is all grey striped. Sebastian has a darker black, brown, grey, and orange stripes. What I love about Sebastian's look is that he has this black spot, smack dab on his pink nose. It's adorable. And check out the black kitty on the right. She is sitting up on her hind legs. So cute and cuddly!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I miss those little girls

I finally downloaded my pictures off my camera. I am so bad at that sometimes. Here is a photo of Sebastian's sisters. They were all being so cute one day. All sitting politely on Kyle's futon. Looking like they were recently up to no good. The kittens were all very close. After all they did grow up in a box together. I miss the other kitties. I wish we had room to keep them all. It was very sad for us to give them up to their new owners. It was a really hard thing for us to do. We saw Yaffa raise them into healthy happy kitties. But, I'm happy they all found good homes.

Cute pair

This photo is mommy cat (Yaffa) on the right, and grown up kitten (Sebastian) on the left. They love to sit next to each other and relax. It's so amazing to me to watch little kitty grow up. He was so tiny when he was born. And now, he is almost the same size as mommy and still growing. I was getting ready for work this morning and they were being pretty cute. Actually, they were active all night, running around the apartment and chasing each other. It's like, as soon as my head hits the pillow, they are up to no good. I barely slept, waking up each hour, to periodically give kitty time outs in the bathroom. He chased his tail to a frenzy. This morning, they were acting all innocent. They were sitting on the bed frame, next to each other looking polite and angelic. Mommy and kitty are so affectionate towards one another. I always catch mommy cleaning Sebastian's fur. Licking his head. And he likes to cuddle up next to her to sleep. I felt sad for them yesterday, because they kept looking under the refridgerator, like they were looking for the other kittens we gave away. The kittens used to hide under the fridge, all four of them. The kittens all went to great homes, so that makes me very happy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mom is patient

Mommy Yaffa is a patient kitty. She would sit with the new ones for hours. Since the kittens were so tiny, they needed momma's body warmth and they cried when she got up to go eat cat food or to use the litter. The kittens were so small, they didn't meow yet. Instead, they made this yip noise, and momma cat would race back to the box.


When the kittens were super tiny, they used to huddle together to keep warm. They would sleep one on top of the other.

How fast they grow up

And this is Sebastian now, at a little over 7 weeks old. How fast they grow up! This is him learning how to play with his first toy. At this stage, everything is so new to him. He is exploring much, and he just learned out to crawl out of the box. For a little guy, he has big personality.

Look at those little paws!

This is Sebastian, at about one 1 and 1/2 week old. He is so adorable. Look at those little paws! And his nose. It still amazes me that 4 kittens came out of Yaffa. You would never think so many kitties would fit in her belly. The kittens grow so fast. You can almost see them get bigger daily!

Little guy, he's so precious.

Of the 4 kittens in the litter, Yaffa only had one male kitten. The male kitten was also the largest kitten in the litter. All of the kitties are very healthy and strong, but this one was the most active, in that he fed frequently. Every single one of them are so precious. They sleep most of the day. Only to awake to nurse.

Yaffa is a good mommy.

What an adjustment Yaffa must have had to endure. She went from living on the streets of Brooklyn, to living in a studio apartment with people. Then giving birth to 4 kittens. And all of the sudden having to take care of her kitties. She really is a good mommy. We made a little box for her and the kittens, with plenty of soft blankets. This is where the kittens stayed for 5 weeks, until they were old enough to venture out of the box. Here is a picture of Yaffa, ever so protective of her newborns.

Yaffa's pregnant

Kyle found Yaffa, a grey and white kitty on the sidewalk just outside his apartment building. She was dirty from living on the street. Winter was just around the corner, so he decided to take her in, and keep her as his new pet. She sure was filthy when he found her. Her white fur was black from the dirt. But within a few days, she had licked herself clean. As all cats do. At first, Yaffa, was a little skiddish. She was a friendly cat, but she would hide under the bed. She didn't quite understand why she wasn't on the street anymore. She was getting used to her new environment. Yaffa was also hungry all the time. She would eat a lot of cat food, and when her bowl was empty, she would meow and meow until she was fed again. And then a few weeks later, we saw her belly growing larger and larger. That's when we realized, Yaffa was pregnant. What luck, Kyle had. He rescues a cat off the street, and she happens to be pregnant! Which made life interesting for awhile since he lives in a studio apartment. Within a month or so, Yaffa gave birth to 4 sweet little kittens. Two of which were all black, with white feet. One black tiger, and one grey tiger. As a new parent, momma Yaffa was hesitant at first. Not really knowing what to do as a new mommy. We had to help the kittens come close to momma so they could find her nipples and feed on the milk. But soon enough, momma Yaffa's maternal instinct kicked in, and she began caring for them naturally. Licking them clean, moving them closer to her, to keep them warm, moving her body to the side, so that they could feed easier. When the kittens were born, they were so tiny, and their eyes were closed shut. They found their way, through touch, smell, and instinct.
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