Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yaffa's pregnant

Kyle found Yaffa, a grey and white kitty on the sidewalk just outside his apartment building. She was dirty from living on the street. Winter was just around the corner, so he decided to take her in, and keep her as his new pet. She sure was filthy when he found her. Her white fur was black from the dirt. But within a few days, she had licked herself clean. As all cats do. At first, Yaffa, was a little skiddish. She was a friendly cat, but she would hide under the bed. She didn't quite understand why she wasn't on the street anymore. She was getting used to her new environment. Yaffa was also hungry all the time. She would eat a lot of cat food, and when her bowl was empty, she would meow and meow until she was fed again. And then a few weeks later, we saw her belly growing larger and larger. That's when we realized, Yaffa was pregnant. What luck, Kyle had. He rescues a cat off the street, and she happens to be pregnant! Which made life interesting for awhile since he lives in a studio apartment. Within a month or so, Yaffa gave birth to 4 sweet little kittens. Two of which were all black, with white feet. One black tiger, and one grey tiger. As a new parent, momma Yaffa was hesitant at first. Not really knowing what to do as a new mommy. We had to help the kittens come close to momma so they could find her nipples and feed on the milk. But soon enough, momma Yaffa's maternal instinct kicked in, and she began caring for them naturally. Licking them clean, moving them closer to her, to keep them warm, moving her body to the side, so that they could feed easier. When the kittens were born, they were so tiny, and their eyes were closed shut. They found their way, through touch, smell, and instinct.

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