Monday, January 30, 2006


Now I understand the word copycat. Check out little Sebastian. He loves to copy Momma Yaffa. When Mommy jumps on the futon, Sebastian loves to follow her. He also loves to copy everything she is doing. I found them sitting there exactly alike. How cute. He always wants to be where she is. They also like to cuddle together when they sleep. It's really a sweet mom and kid relationship. Yaffa is always taking care of Sebastian. Licking his fur, to make sure he's clean. She treats him like he's still a peanut. Even though he's just about full grown. I think in about 2 months he'll be the same size as mommy.


Boni said...

Wow! He really is a copycat. They're so cute together. :)

meemsnyc said...

yeah, it's funny, Sebastian mimics everything Mommy does. It's the cutest thing!!

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