Thursday, August 30, 2007

Baby Birds

This photo is not of our cats. But I thought I would post because it is so cute and because Sebastian and Yaffa love birds! My sister, early in the summer was on the way to work one day, and she saw these baby birds fell out of the nest and onto the grass. In fact, the entire nest fell out of the tree and onto the lawn below. She took a little scooper and scooped each bird up back into the nest and perched it high into the tree. You can't touch baby birds with human hands, because the mommy bird will smell the human scent and abandon the birds. After my sister helped the birds back up the tree, she closely monitored them for weeks. Then, one day, all the birds were grown up and flew away!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

So Much New Stuff!

Our friend Ruth got a present from our friend Adriana. A cool cat bed for her little kitty Suki. Though, Suki never was into the bed at all, never sat in it, and was never too interested in sleeping anywhere else but the couch and the human bed. So Ruth gave us the cat bed to try out on Yaffa and Sebastian. Within the first hour of bringing the bed home, I caught both Yaffa and Sebastian literally fighting over the new cat bed. They really enjoy the soft plushy cushions, not to mention, it looks cute too!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New Litter Maid - Gift from the Heavens

We recently splurged on a new item for the kitties! And boy, we all couldn't be happier. The cats are so excited about their new "toy" also. Whenever the cats do their thing, they love to jump out of the Litter Maid, and watch the rakes go back and forth and clean up. The cats are completely mesmerized and fascinated by it. Even better, Yaffa has really liked using this new litter box and has stopped making accidents on the couch! I (heart) litter maid!!

Worth every penny!
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