Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sweet little baby.

I haven't had the camera out lately, so I thought for this week's carnival submission, I thought I'd go back to October of last year and get out one of the cute kitten photos of Sebastian. As a little kitty, he had already shown his super curious personality. He's growing up though. And although technically he's looking like a cat, he's still a kitten to us.



one of us said...

Once a baby, always a baby to your parents *sigh* ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Patches & Mittens said...

They grow up so fast! Tiny one, so cute........a kiss on the forehead is warranted.

Mom to The Girls

Luna said...

oh! sweet baby!! you are perrrrfect! =^^=

PJ said...

Kittens become cats way too quickly, Sebastian is adorable.

Anonymous said...

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