Thursday, November 06, 2008

Raising Awareness for Animal Adoption: Home 4 the Holidays

Hello friends,

As the Holidays quickly approaches, here is a good cause I wanted to let everyone know about. I know the cat and furry friends blogging community already support shelters nationwide, but it's always good to remind friends and family and anyone considering getting a pet around the Holiday season to choose one from a shelter rather than a pet store--and save a cat's life (or another shelter animal's life) in the process.

There is a new program called, "Home 4 the Holidays" which is promoting pet adoption through shelters. Here is a link where you can find participating shelters and pet rescue organizations near you!

If you can't adopt a pet, this season, why not donate to your favorite participating shelter:

As an owner of 3 cats who were all strays or product of a abandoned stray, this cause is near and dear to us. We can attest that stray and abandoned animals are very loving and loyal and just need your love and attention.

Yaffa, Sebastian & Dante's mom bean


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Good post. And again we are reminded we have promised to post on this subject too. We are definitely for adopting shelter animals!

Anonymous said...

Adopting a shelter animal is great! Thanks for getting the word out.

Mindy Lu said...

BARK!!! I am a holiday rescue and my dumb brother Max came to us at Thanksgiving last year. BARK for the rescue's!! Sasha the Princess

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