Thursday, January 18, 2007

What's Out There?

We recently put a new birdfeeder outside the window and every since Sebastian has been having the time of his life jumping on the window sill and trying to scare away the pigeons, squirrels, and finches. He can sit there all day, and he scratches on the window begging us to let him out. Being that we live on the 3rd floor, that is not a possibility. He always gives us this face that says, come on, please let me go out and play!

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ArtsyCatsy said...

Sebastian, we live out here in the boonies (Indiana) and this spring our humans are putting a big fence around our yard. You can come over and play with us - but who'd wanna come to Indiana??

The ArtsyCatsy catstaff

Karen Jo said...

I feel for you, Sebastian, but you live too high up to go out and play. Have fun watching the birdies and squirrels and stay safe inside.

jenianddean said...

Birdies out on the third floor ... that sounds like a great place to perch and watch everything going on. But no, he probably shouldn't go out, as fun as it might sound at the time.

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