Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lap Cat

Yaffa has come a long way from the days she roamed the streets of Brooklyn. When Kyle rescued her, the first month that she was living in the apartment, she was extremely skiddish and hid pretty much the entire time under the futon. She didn't liked to be pet nor picked up. I was surprised that Kyle was even able to pick her up from the street and carried her all the way to the 6th floor, where he used to live. But look at her now, in the year and a 1/2 that we've had her, she has become quite the house cat. From time to time, she still gets skiddish when she wants to be, but more often than not, she is found either sitting on Kyle's lap, or resting quietly next to us.


Carol said...

Gorgeous cats. I never tire of looking at pictures of cats.

Anonymous said...

She's content in her forever home.
Very sweet photo.

One of us said...

You look so comfy Yaffa ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko Ko

Karen Jo said...

Yaffa looks very comfy and content. I am so glad that she found her forever home.

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