Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Favorite Store!

Here is Sebastian kitty taking a nap on the catalog of our favorite store. We went to Ikea 2 weeks ago to pick up some dining room furniture. It's not our favorite store for the quality of the furniture. The furniture can be cheaply made. However, it's our favorite store, because everytime you go there, it's an experience. They have these great showrooms that allow you to envision what your house could look like. It's kinda fun to imagine. We picked up a catalog to bring home. Sebastian, since he loves sleeping on magazines jumped at a chance to sleep on top of it.

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Willow said...

How too cute - Sebastian looks so very content!

jenianddean said...

Magazines are the best things to sleep on ... and Mom and Dad also like how IKEA shows you what your place could look like. So far they've been pretty happy with the items they've brought home.

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