Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We got our Secret Paw!!

We came back from Holiday to find that we had received our secret paws package. Above are pictures of us having fun opening the package. Thank you Sebastian, Felony, and Tsuki! We especially liked the handknit catnip mouse. We loved that idea and we are going to get mommy to knit us some as well. Mom has picked up knitting this winter, so it's a perfect solution for all that extra catnip we have in the cupboard. We also loved the treats. and other toys. Thank you again for a fun package, and happy new year.


Skeeter And LC said...

Cool, we were THEIR Secret Paw. It is neat following these things arund. ;)

Knitted catnip mousies are great. An of course the treats an other toys are great, too!

The Fluffy Tribe said...

wow that is a great secret paw, are the hollydayz fun? ~The FLuffy Tribe

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