Thursday, October 18, 2007

You are not allowed on top of there.

Sebastian knows he's not allowed on certain furniture. But frankly, he doesn't really care. Even though I am standing next to him taking his photo, he barely acknowledges me. He goes, right on napping on the red cabinet that he's not allowed on. The reason he's not allowed on that cabinet is because sometimes in the morning, we've seen that someone has been fiddling with the potted plant on the cabinet. You can see the potted plant right behind his head. We've seen traces of soil on the floor and kitty brown footprints trampled all over the top of the cabinet. Sebastian however is never one to really listen. He sleeps where ever he pleases. He seems to be saying, complain all you want mom, I'm still going to do whatever I damn please. :) My little kitty. He's lucky he's so cute. :)

1 comment:

Derby said...

That is right, kittie sleeps where ever they please. Kittie law.

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