Sunday, February 04, 2007

Can you come in and play?

I saw the cats intently looking out the window one day. They were sitting there as quite as a mouse. What were they looking at, we have our usual squirrel, on our fire escape, so I went over to peek at them.

Sebastian had his little ears down, he was in pounce mode. I looked outside the window and saw a bird sitting quietly on the fire escape. I think it is a morning dove.

Though Kyle calls it a brown pigeon. Whatever it is the cats want to pounce it. Lucky for the bird, there is a big pane of glass separating them.

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Forty Paws said...

Good job with the flat ears. It helps to prevent those birds from seeing you. Yep, that's a mourning dove. We have tons come to our feeders and we love to watch them. Sometimes we chatter at them.
Luf, Us

Karen Jo said...

That bird looks very pouneable. It is indeed lucky that the glass pane is there.

jenianddean said...

Oh that bird looks like it would be so much fun to pounce. But be careful, you guys are awful high up and I'd hate for you to get out and get scared out there.

Anonymous said...

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Andrée said...

that's so funny! I love it when cats get all serious and flatten their ears like that. Yup, that's a mourning dove (because their sounds are like they are in mourning). I used to think of them as pigeons, too, when I lived in connecticut. no more.

thank you so much for stopping by!

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