Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poor little mousy!

Luna gave the kittys this great mouse toy. It's a furry mouse, that is on the top of a spring coil, and attached to a suction cup. We like to suction cup the mouse to the fridge so that Sebastian can play with it. Sebastian took a liking to the mouse. So much, that he chewed all the fur off poor little mousy. It use to look like the mouse on the left. All furry and cute. But after Sebastian was finished with it, now, he's just bald, and sad looking mousy toy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

So, I like bath tubs.

Little Sebastian Kitty can always be found in the bathroom. His favorite place to be, second to the bathroom rug is the bath tub. He can spend hours there, playing with the dripping water, once, I found him napping in the tub. There's something very cozy he finds in the bathroom. I guess it's because when he was a few months old, we used to let them play in the tub. Now, it's his most favorite spot.

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Mucho Gracias Mi Amiga Luna!

Luna did an excellent job with her Secret Paws package. We were so overwhelmed with how great it was and was so amazed by it. Especially the cats, they were so happy! It had the coolest stuff in the package. Fun toys, the cats were so excited! Sebastian went from toy to toy to test them all out. Here are some photos of Sebastian having the time of his life. He liked the blue ball of yarn and the mice on the spring. Yaffa really liked the dried Sardines. But what cat doesn't like fish!! Thank you, Thank you Luna. That was the sweetest package we ever got!!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hey You, Stop taking pictures of us.

I love it when I catch the kitties doing something super cute. It's pretty often when that happens, and of course, I have to take out the camera to capture the adorable moment. Here is Sebastian and Yaffa, hugging each other as they nap. But, they noticed I was taking a picture, so they turned to give me a dirty look for waking them up. Look at Yaffa's face, she looks like she was to clock me. I can't help it though, they are so cute!!

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Someone has a new favorite toy!

The other day, I picked up a new toy for the kitty's. I thought they deserved a new toy since they helped me with putting the Carnival together. Someone, took a liking to the new toy. Cuddling it, and hugging it, and giving the toy some love. Well, wouldn't you too? Read what it says on the toy mouse. Ahhh, you gotta love it.
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